About us

Professionally and efficient


Trimor started operating in 1991 as a service station for BOLL & KIRCH filters - a well-known German producer of fuel, oil and water filters. We’d also delivered fully equipped filters. Over the next few years, we expanded our activity in the field of filtration including gas filtration in cooperation with PERRY EQUIPMENT CORPORATION from USA.

We operate worldwide

We are able to offer competitive prices and short delivery times thanks to our successful cooperation with producers and suppliers.

Since 1990s, we also established cooperation with VAF Instruments from the Netherlands - one of the leading manufacturers of flowmeters, viscometers and complete fuel consumption measurement systems wordwide.

We fully equip installations of the petrochemical industry, energy production and vessels & floating units with various filtration and separation technologies of Facet International. These are mainly: oil / water separators, oil filtration shunts or sanitary and drinking water installations.

We are also closely cooperate with the following companies:

  • Norwegian Greetech - ballast water treatment systems
  • BAC Corrosion Control - corrosion protection: anodes, shaft earth; Pin Brazing;
  • BOPP- filtration meshes

For the increasing needs of the shipbuilding industry, we have established cooperation with ship spare parts manufacturers. We can supply spare parts for main engines and power generators of various types. You can view our products in the product & solution section.